You could be owed $10,000 or more if you were injured in a car accident or by the negligence of another. Come in for a free consultation with a Seattle personal injury lawyer. 

Factors that affect case value:

 1. Medical Bills

 2. Lost Wages

 3. Permanent Injuries

 4. Lost Working Capacity

 5. Pain & Suffering

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 All cases are different but there are some factors that a Seattle personal injury lawyer can determine how long your case is going to take to settle or to obtain a judgment. Here is a typical case schedule:

 1. Injury - Car accident.

 2. Healing -  Chiropractor, doctor, etc. 

 3. Demand to insurance company

 4. Negotiations with insurance company

 5. File lawsuit if we can't reach a deal.

 6. Discovery and depositions

 7.  Mediation or arbitration

 8. Trial (99% of cases don't go to trial)


 If you have been injured by the fault of  another, you could be owed $10,000 or  more in damages. However, insurance  companies will try to contact you to settle  soon after the accident for far less than you  deserve. You need a Seattle personal injury lawyer now!


 Car Accidents

 Bike Accidents

 Semi-Truck Accidents

 Premises Liability

 Product Liability

 Medical Malpractice

 Why Hire A Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer?

  • No Money Up Front
  • You Could Be Owed $10,000 or more
  • Fair Compensation
  • Get Healed and Relieve Stress
  • Free Consultation​
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