Motorcycle accidents are some of the most dangerous accidents. This is because of the obvious, motorcycle drivers are exposed to the elements with very little protection, as opposed to a car where the driver is insulated and seat belted in with surrounding air bags. 

Often times motorcycle riders suffer the worst injuries that you would not experience if you were in a minor car accident, not to say that minor car accidents victims can't suffer very nasty and nagging injuries. Motorcycle riders are far more likely to suffer broken bones, traumatic brain injury,deep lacerations, torn muscles and ligaments, spinal chord injuries, and even death. 

Unfortunately, motorcycle riding also carries the improper characteristic of being careless or an impulsive and sometimes bad person. None of these biases are true or proper and only a Seattle personal injury lawyer can neutralize these viewpoints of juries that you may face if your case goes to a jury trial. 

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by a number of factors including the following most common causes:

  • Inattention to Driving 
  • Improper Lane Changing
  • Speeding
  • Traveling too Close
  • Bad Highway or Road Design or Maintenance
  • Road Rage
  • Weather Conditions

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, chances are you have a high amount of hospital and other medical bills, not to mention lost wages and pain and suffering. If this is you, don't take your chances with insurance companies, hire a Seattle personal injury lawyer today at no up front costs and put your case in the best hands so you can focus on healing. Contact a Seattle personal injury lawyer today at (206) 850-6716 for a free consultation today.