Seattle Driving Law Tips: 

When is it considered running a red light in Seattle? Who is at fault if you hit someone going through a yellow light?

Dram Shop Cases:

Besides the DUI driver who causes a car accident, the bar that served them may be responsible for your damages.

Poor Road Design Accident: What is a poor road design case? Do you have one for poor maintenance or design?

When to Hire A PI Lawyer: When should a car accident injury victim hire a personal injury lawyer? Is it only necessary to hire a lawyer for trial, insurance denying claim, or serious injuries? 

Seattle Driving Law Tips: What exactly is the law for Seattle pedestrians crossing on a blinking do not cross count down? 

Pokemon Go:

How dangerous is this app on teen drivers and what danger could we see when school starts again? 

Hit and Run Car Accidents: People that are injured in hit and run car accidents have a lot of rights if they have the insurance. UIM insurance covers people injured in hit and run car accidents but they must follow certain things. 

Traffic Light Timing Systems:

Would traffic light timing coordination on Mercer Street help alleviate congestion and lower car accidents in South Lake Union? See Seattle's latest plans. 

Delays in Treatment:

How long is too long for your to start treatment following a car accident injury case for insurance reasons?

Personal Injury Lawyer Cost: How much does a personal injury lawyer cost and can you afford not to hire one?

Lyft and Other Ride Sharing:

Lyft car accidents injury victims have a lot of options to seek recovery for medical bills, lost wages, and pain in suffering no matter if they are injured as a passenger or rear ended by a Lyft driver.

How to choose a lawyer:

​How to choose a car accident injury lawyer? Do you look at price, comfort, feel, or experience? What works for you may not be a good fit for another person.

Work Place Injuries:

​Can I sue my boss in Washington State? Who is responsible for my injuries?

Top 5 Car Accident Tips:

Here are my top 5 things to do following being injured in a car accident in Seattle.

Poor Road Design Cases:

What is considered a poor road design case in Seattle? When do poor road design cases come into play? 

Personal Injury Timeline:

How long will it take to settle your Seattle personal injury car accident case with a lawyer?

How to prove your case:

Here are the top 5 ways to document and prove objectively who caused a car accident. 

Pedestrian Car Accidents: 

Did you know pedestrians injured in car accidents are entitled to PIP insurance?

Car Accident Rankings: 

Allstate's 2015 Driving Statistics of US cities found Seattle residents averaged a car accident every 6.9 years

Seattle Driving Law Tips: Can you turn across a solid double yellow line or is it only for passing laws?

Defensive Driving Tips: 

Here are my top 5 driving tips to help you avoid getting into car accidents by others.

Proving Who is at Fault: 

Here's how I proved my client had the right of way using google maps and impact damage to his car.

Diminished Value Claims: 

Did you know that if your car is less than two years old, you could be entitled to $2,000 or more on top of cost of repairs?

To go to the Hospital or not:

Should you be worried about the costs? Who should you get checked out by and when? 

PI Lawyer Misconceptions: 

Here's the top 5 misconceptions about who needs to hire a Seattle personal injury lawyer for a car accident injury case.

Seattle Texting Laws:

Here is why Seattle texting and driving laws are not working.

Car Accident Case Value: 

How much is your personal injury car accident case worth in Seattle?

How to Pay For Medical Bills:

The defendant's insurance will not pay for your medical bills until you settle so how do you pay for your medical bills?

Top 5 Dirty Insurance Tricks: Here are the "Top 5 Dirty Tricks" insurance companies like to use in car accident injury cases.

Car Accident Settlements: How do you calculate your lost wages if you work on salary, hourly, or own your own business?

What does your policy do:

Here is a brief breakdown of insurance policies, what they actually do, and what policies you must have. 

PIP For Free:

If the insurance company doesn't do what I talk about in this video, you may get PIP for free in a car accident injury case.

Road Rage Car Accidents: Are both parties engaged in road rage type driving responsible for injuries to a third party in a car accident?

At Fault Car Accidents?:

What happens if you were injured in a car accident that was your fault? Who says it was your fault? 

Seattle Driving Law Tips: Who is at fault in a car accident caused by turning onto the same street from opposite directions?

Metro Bus Accidents:

Here are the best things to do to preserve a Seattle metro bus car accident injury case.

Uber Car Accident Cases: 

Why are Uber car accident injury cases so tough? What will Uber's insurance cover for your personal injury case?

Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer Videos

Comparative Fault:

What is it and how could it affect your Seattle personal injury car accident case?

Independent Medical Exam: What is an IME and how could it affect your car accident injury case?

Top 5 Things to Do:

Here are the top 5 things you should do following a car accident injury. 

Tough it out or make a claim: Who are you actually saving money by not making a personal injury claim?

When to settle your case:

How and when to settle a Seattle personal injury car accident case? 

What is Subrogation: This means that medical insurance or auto insurance companies are owed back benefits they have paid. I break down how it affects car accident cases here.

Umbrella Policies:

What does an Umbrella policy do for a personal injury car accident injury case? What is it?

Lawyer Misconceptions:

Only those seriously injured in car accidents need to hire a Seattle personal injury lawyer.

Passengers Car Accidents: 

Did you know passengers injured in car accidents are entitled to PIP insurance?

Truck and Bus Accidents: Did you know buses and trucks have first responder teams to clean up their drivers' accidents following a car accident?! 

Out of State Car Accidents: Who can represent you for a car accident in another state?

Pre-existing Injuries:

What qualifies as a pre-existing injury in your car accident injury case? 

Seattle Driving Law Tips: Who has the right of way at an uncontrolled intersection when you are hit by a car on your right but you were there first?

Rental Cars, Repairs, Tow: Who is going to pay for all these expenses? Do you have insurance to cover these?

What's a Good PI Case?: 

If you are hit by someone without insurance and you don't have UIM insurance, you may not have a good case.